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Wine makers are not in short supply around here; at Montalcino with its prestigious Brunello di Montalcino wine some are very eminent indeed. The Val d’Orcia, towards Pienza has fewer, but among these is a hero of mine; Marco Capitoni.

On his family farm the few hectares under vine show the fruits of his maxim; that good natural wine is made in the vineyard, not in the winery. Marco does not hold with ‘helping along’ less than perfect grapes in the winery, his wines start with perfect grapes which are transformed into perfect wines.

Work on the vines is all by hand, each given their due attention. The grape bunches are ruthlessly thinned as they are about to turn colour and mature, ensuring the highest quality not quantity. Marco grows the Tuscan king of grapes, Sangiovese, Canaiolo another Tuscan stalwart and a little Merlot.

His flagship wine, Frasi (phrases) is made from grapes from old mature vines planted by his family nearly forty years ago, the complexity that these vines bring up from the depths of the Tuscan soil and Marco’s subsequent aging of the wine in huge traditional Tuscan wooden casks called botte give this wine an incredible sense of terroir.

Marcos other wine, the eponymous Capitoni has a strong Tuscan backbone of Sangiovese softened by merlot, which he has found thrives on his soil and with the lashings of TLC that all his vines get.
Marco is dedicated and passionate about his wine, but is never pretentious about it. Tuscan character and Tuscan wine at their best.

A local hero.

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